Wisconsin v. Darrell Brooks

Friend of the show Adam Uris returns to discuss the Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas Parade Tragedy and ensuing prosecution of Darrell Brooks, the man who drove his red Ford Escape right through the parade.  Brooks killed 6 people and injured over 60 more.

This episode touches on a number of really fascinating legal topics.  Paul and Adam discuss the difference between competency to stand trial and the legal definition of insanity, what a defendant has to establish to show insanity, and what a defense attorney can do when a defendant does not want to go along with an insanity defense.

Brooks also chose to represent himself, so there is an interesting intersection explored between mental illness and self-representation.

There is also a more global discussion about faith in the institution of the judiciary, whether it's eroding, and if so, why that's happening.  Adam and Paul each give their opinions on how culture affects the criminal justice system and what improvements can be made to achieve a more just institution.

Hope you enjoy!

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