United States v. Steven Donziger

Who is Steven Donziger?  Chances are you've never heard of him.  He may be a brave human rights activist or perhaps an exceptionally talented con man.  One thing is for certain, the story of his life is a wild roller coaster.  Donziger is a Harvard Law graduate who sued Texaco/Chevron in 1993 for the pollution and devastation in the Ecuadorian Amazon.  After winning a massive international judgment, the oil giants launched a crusade to ruin his life.  In this episode, Paul explains where a lawsuit can be brought, what the federal RICO law actually is and how it applies to private individuals as well as why lawyers refuse to violate the attorney client privilege.  Donzier now has a criminal contempt case pending in federal court, but the background information and legal battles to this point warranted their own episode.  This is Part I of the United States (but really Chevron Oil) v. Steven Donziger.  Please rate and review if you liked it!

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