United States v. Robert Kelly (R. Kelly)

Special Guest Episode!

In this episode, Paul brings on seasoned sex crimes prosecutor and dynamic defense attorney (and wife) Sarena Townsend to discuss the RICO prosecution of R&B superstar R. Kelly.

Wait…RICO?  Yes, RICO.  R. Kelly was accused of committing sex abuse and sex crimes in several states in time period spanning roughly 20 years.  But rather than charge Kelly with the individual sex offenses in state court, Kelly was charged in Brooklyn federal court with RICO under the theory that he and his entourage were a criminal enterprise created for the purpose of grooming and abusing young women.

Paul and Sarena break down the allegations and specific charges, and discuss the propriety of the federal RICO charge and how fame and notoriety may have affected the prosecution decisions.  So often on this show, we discuss how narratives are presented, and who has a better, more compelling, story for the jury.  Listen to the arguments that were made, and why the defense was ultimately not as persuasive as the prosecution.

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