United States v. Michael Avenatti

No matter how successful someone becomes, there is always the chance of flying a little too close to the sun and having the heat melt the wax holding your makeshift wings together.  The same fate that befell Icarus happened to superstar celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti.

Avenatti rose to national fame by representing some of the biggest names in celebrity.  Athletes, entertainers (adult and otherwise), major corporations, you name it, Avenatti aggressively pursued their interests.

When someone who fueds publicly with a sitting President and goes toe to toe with Supreme Court nominees falls from grace, the resulting splash is spectacular.  In the case of Michael Avenatti, nearly everyone knows that he has been convicted of federal crimes, but a lot of people are unable to really fully explain what he did.

This case digs into Avenatti's federal prosecution for charges that he attempted to extort Nike using compromising information which he received from a client.  Further, Avenatti was convicted of essentially agreeing to represent that client, taking that information, and then trying to use it for his own personal financial gain as opposed to his client's best interest.

Listen as Paul breaks down extortion, honest services fraud, conspiracies and substantive crimes while looping in the Interstate Commerce Clause to explain federal jurisdiction. 

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