United States v. John Gotti

Hello friends of the show!

One my earliest and most consistent listeners, Yossi, has asked for a show on organized crime.  So naturally I dropped all the research I was doing on very interesting topics and decided to dedicate an episode to what he wanted to hear about.

I can think of no better prototype for organized crime in the recent era than the Dapper Don himself, John Gotti.  Gotti embodied everything we think about contemporary mobsters.  He had a flashy lifestyle and routinely thumbed his nose at law enforcement.  He operated for years and federal prosecutors could not seem to convict him of anything…until they did.

Federal organized crime prosecutions are all about RICO.  In this episode, Paul explains, in layman's terms, just what RICO is, and what it allows prosecutors to do.  RICO represents a complete change in the way that prosecutors were able to tie certain actors into criminal organizations, and made it illegal to simply be the boss of an enterprise which was run through racketeering methods.

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