United States v. Ghislaine Maxwell


Apologies to all for the delay in episode publishing, I was on trial in federal court in a complex white-collar fraud and narcotics case.   

But that's all over now and we are picking up right where we left off, discussing some of the biggest headlines in trial work and explaining a bit about who argued what and how effective it was.

In this episode, we tackle the recent prosecution of Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman accused of conspiring with Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse  a series of young girls.  Around the time of his July 20109 arrest, the media was saturated with details of Epstein's life, his associates, his history, and the name of his famous airplane.  But the same ubiquity of information wasn't plastered over every tv screen and smartphone for his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell.  Who was she?  How did she come to America?  What was the exact nature of her relationship with Epstein?  How much did she know, and how involved was she in his illegal activities?

Paul gives not only the background leading to why Maxwell was arrested and put on trial, but explains what evidence the prosecution team used to convince a jury she was criminally liable, as well as what her lawyers argued for why she should be acquitted.  He hopes you enjoy getting a little light shined into this dark mysterious trial.

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