South Carolina v. Alex Murdaugh

This episode needs very little introduction.  The trial of Alex Murdaugh in the South Carolina Lowcountry was a national phenomenon.  All major news outlets covered the story and the trial.  

Alex Murdaugh came from an incredibly prestigious legal family in South Carolina.  His father's family had held solicitor (prosecutor) positions in their judicial circuit court for 87 years.  He inherited a profitable personal injury law firm on top of that.  He had a blond socialite wife, two perfect sons, and seemed to living the American dream.  He was rich, famous, powerful, and influential.

But Murdaugh had a secret.  Followinga knee injury in the early 2000's he became seriously addicted to opioid pain killers.  His addiction cost him everything.  he stole from his clients, lost his law license, his wife and youngest son are killed, and he is he target of a failed murder attempt himself.

Hear how this titan of the South Carolina legal scene fell from the highest high to the lowest low.  In this episode, Paul breaks down how a defendant's motive fits into a criminal trial, he also explains how attorneys view the bond created by taking on the representation of an individual, and he tries to explain why it's not terribly surprising that after a 6 week trial, the jury deliberated for under 3 hours.

Listen and enjoy! 

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