Roe v. Wade & Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

The long hiatus is over.  Paul's trial in upstate New York is over and there are many cases to discuss on the horizon.  For the grand return after an exhausting and stressful fight over a murder case, Paul is back discussing the two seminal cases on one of American culture's biggest lightning rods.  We're going to discuss the arguments for and against a constitutional right to an abortion.

First we will discuss the case that really started it all, Roe v. Wade.  We are going to dive deep into the decision, what does it actually say, and what doesn't it say.  What was the justification used to develop a right to an abortion, and were those arguments grounded on solid constitutional jurisprudence.

Then we fast forward the clock roughly 50 years and look at the case which undid it all, Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization.  We're going to examine why the Supreme Court did a complete about face, how significant it was to overrule the precedent set, and how the Supreme Court felt about the legal reasoning from the 1970s.  We'll also examine whether the dissent makes valid points about how this ruling might open the door to a lot of other challenges which may cause people some great concern.

Paul hopes that if nothing else, after this episode you'll be able to fully comprehend why the decisions went the way they did, even if you don't agree with the legal reasoning behind them.

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