New York v. Robert Chambers (The Preppy Murder)

Special Guest Adam Uris is back!  In this episode, Adam and Paul discuss The Preppy Murder, one of the most notorious trials in American history.

In 1986 the body of recent high school graduate Jennifer Levin was found in Central Park. There was evidence that she had recently had intercourse and that she had been strangled.  The investigation quickly narrowed in on Robert Chambers, a 19 year old upper east sider.  Chambers was tall, handsome, put together, and quite possibly a sociopath.

Listen as Adam and Paul break down the most sensational case in the United States until the OJ Simpson trial, laying out how the defense strategy of using the media worked to Chamber's advantage and how the prosecution's hands were tied perhaps a bit more than would be considered fair by a judge's routinely questionable rulings.  

This case has it all, high society, sex, drugs, murder, media sensationalism, and Dorrians Red Hand , an upper east side staple for underage alcohol abuse for decades.

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