Massachusetts v. Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez had a difficult upbringing.  He has a strained family life combined with losing his father at an early age which set him on a path of rebellion.  He was brash, quick-tempered and took offense at even the most benign gestures.  He was also a very talented football player, the one aspect of his life where he excelled and gave him a future.

It was the love of football which connected him to Odin Lloyd, the man who was dating the sister of Hernandez's fiancé.  Lloyd was a semi-professional football player himself, and became close friends with the NFL star.  Then, for reasons nobody fully understands, Lloyd was shot dead on June 17, 2013 approximately a mile from Hernandez's residence.  Hernandez was arrested shortly thereafter and the rest is history.

In this episode, Paul provides some insight into the New England Patriot's most infamous Tight End, how he lived and how he died.  We examine one the biggest issues which will come up in a trial…what was the defendant's motive?

While a prosecutor is typically  not required to prove motive as an element of a crime, jurors are always curious as to why a person would commit murder.  In this case, we see how even when a prosecutor is well versed in the facts of his or her case, it is still difficult to paint a convincing picture for a jury when you can't give any reasonable explanation for why the defendant did what he is alleged to have done.

We also discuss the complicated issue of how much a defense attorney should concede to maintain credibility with a jury.  It's a fine line that good lawyers have to continuously walk, and knowing what you can fight and what you have to just accept is often a difficult task in the moment.  In the Hernandez case, Paul explains why he felt the defense attorney conceded too much and ultimately gave away the case.

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