Kentucky v. Brett Hankison (Breonna Taylor Raid)

Welcome back, friends of the show.  In this episode, we look at the Breonna Taylor raid in Jefferson County, Kentucky.  We are NOT examining the officer who fired the shot which ultimately killed Taylor, that officer was never indicted.  However, another officer at the scene, Brett Hankison, discharged his firearm approximately 10 times through Taylors living room wall, into her neighbor's apartment, where a couple and their young child were sleeping.

As a result, Officer Hankison was arrested and charged with three counts of Wanton and Reckless Endangerment.

This episode had so much to talk about I had to bring in a special guest.  My former colleague at the DA's office and friend, Adam Uris, comes on the show to talk search warrants, trial strategy, and the effect of national attention on juror's sensibilities.  It's a really great discussion and I encourage you to rate and share if you enjoy it.

Thanks for listening!

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