California v. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has been undeniably influential in the entertainment industry since he was eight years old.  The King of Pop has wowed millions with his singing and dancing and was an international sensation for decades.

In 1993 that world came crashing down as allegations of child molestation arose and the Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office extensively investigated Jackson's relationship with young boys.  Ultimately, the allegations could not be substantiated and no arrest was ever made.  The damage to Jackson's career, reputation and emotional well-being, however, was severe.

Nearly a decade later, a second round of allegations of child abuse would lead to Jackson's arrest and trial.  The same district attorney who investigated Jackson in 1993 would prosecute him at his very public 2005 trial.  Listen as Paul breaks down the allegations for each instance and explains how the 1993 claims impacted the 2005 trial.  As always, there will be a discussion of the legal arguments, the merits of the claims, and explanations of the rulings and how they impacted the trial.  

A lot of people have very strong feelings about the claims made here, but frequently do not know the details of the substance of what these children actually said and what corroboration they had.  At the end of the episode, you'll be in a position to judge for yourself whether you believe these acts of molestation ever happened, or whether the Thriller was simply a soft target for extortion.  Enjoy!

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