California v. Charles Manson

Charles Manson needs no introduction.  He has become a boogeyman figure in American culture.  Virtually everyone is aware of the brutal murders committed by the Manson “family.”  People recall that during his trial, Manson carved an X into his forehead, and later that X was replaced with a swastika.  He never expressed any remorse whatsoever for trying to trigger Helter Skelter, a race war, by killing white celebrities he had no previous quarrel with.

Manson's name is synonymous with criminal insanity and cultish behavior.  The murders which took place at the Polanski/Tate house and then the LaBianca home the following night terrified the public.  When the actual reasons for the murders became known, it only intensified society's reaction.

In this episode, Paul explains how the law of conspiracy works and how it relates to joint liability for criminal actions.  Paul breaks down how one individual can be convicted of a substantive crime committed by another.  He also covers what happens in the unique situation where a client demands to testify but the attorney representing him is so opposed to it that he refuses to question him.

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